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    5 Reasons Why 92064 is the Ideal Place to Raise a Family

    Raising a family in Southern California can be challenging, especially when coping with the high cost of living. While home prices throughout the region are higher than in other areas, bargains are still available. For instance, many parts of San Diego county are rural, with horseback riding a common occurrence. Family life takes center stage in some parts of San Diego County, like the 92064 zip code, where Poway home sales reflect country living.

    Southern California is legendary for its surfing and other outdoor activities, some of which are built into the Southern California lifestyle. Very few areas in the U.S. offer more for home buyers and their families than the 92064 zip code. For country living just off the beaten path, Poway, CA, is an ideal place to raise a family.


    1) 92064 was Built for Families 

    Before World War One, areas north of downtown San Diego were once large cattle ranches for tanning cowhide leather and producing food products. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles area saw massive population growth as housing tracts sprung up everywhere. Aided by cars and regular public transportation, commuting to and from work was easy using a modern highway system.

    By the turn of the century, entrepreneurs realized they could purchase large tracts of land and turn them into communities, many of which became cities. Poway is one of those areas that developed independently as a place to live close to the City of San Diego but far enough away that residents feel like they are in the country. 92064 became a place in the country where families lived while the breadwinner went south to work.


    2) Low Crime Rates in 92064

    What is now the 92064 zip code and Poway, California, was once a stop on many local and out-of-state stagecoach schedules. One of the consequences of this separation between San Diego and Poway was the usual commute from home to other places like Los Angeles.

    A long commute between home and other places, such as a job in the city, fostered this condition where crime and other bad things happen to “them” not “us.” The thinking was the distance kept crime at bay while families lived elsewhere. Consequently, Poway still has that same feeling, one supported by a crime rate 60% below the state average.


    3) Stay Safe in North San Diego County

    One of the best reasons to consider raising a family in the 92064 zip code is the numerous things kids can do to fill up their time. Combined with a safe home, Poway is far enough away that peer pressure aided by urban environments doesn’t have as much influence. Living in Poway, teenagers can easily catch public transportation virtually anywhere in the region, then return to a safe place away from crime and violence.

    A security review company recently ranked California’s cities based on resident safety. Poway ranks as the safest city in San Diego County and among California’s top ten safest cities. The review showed Poway below the county, state, and national averages for violent crime. In fact, Poway was the only city in San Diego County to break the top ten. For comparison, nearby Encinitas is ranked 28th.


    4) Top-Ranked Schools

    When looking for new homes in 92064, families need to know about schools in the area. The Poway Unified School District is one of the best in California, with a reputation that draws many families to the area. Four of the five high schools in the Poway Unified School District rank among the top high schools in California. Given several top-ranked universities in California, parents with college prep-focused teenagers are in a position to provide their kids with more opportunities.

    Top-ranked high schools aren’t the only reason for living in Poway. Rankings come from numerous data points, such as access to after-school activities and grades. Broadly, Poway Unified School District ranks second among those in San Diego County and 14th among state school districts. Poway’s schools make the area an ideal place to raise a family for those with children of any age.


    5) Live Close to the Fun in Poway, CA

    One of the best things about houses in the 92064 is their proximity to an exceptionally large pool of family fun activities. From Poway, a long drive to several L.A. amusement parks is totally accessible. Of course, San Diego County has its own amusement parks for family fun!

    Poway is close to beaches where families can enjoy many activities, then go home in peace and quiet and away from crowds. The San Diego Zoo, the quintessential place for family outings, is mere minutes from Poway. Time these outings to avoid rush hour traffic for even more fun in the sun.


    Last But Not Least

    Southern California is home to millions of people living, working, and playing in some of the best weather. While the region attracts people from all over the world, 92064 and the surrounding areas provide ideal places to raise families. This is particularly true for the thousands of people that commute to areas north and south of Poway. The region hosts two arms of the military, which adds cultural diversity to the area’s schools and other public places.

    92064, Poway, and other small towns like Ramona kept their small-town culture even as the greater San Diego metro area expanded significantly. Because of the great real estate market in 92064, families have a place they can raise their kids and be confident that crime won’t follow them home. With so much to do in San Diego County, it’s nice to know that there is an ideal family-friendly neighborhood.



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